Kia Commercial Shot on
URSA Mini Pro 12K

With just a few days to turn it around, DP Vance Burberry raced to have one of the first projects shot extensively on the new URSA Mini Pro 12K. The Kia Motors America spot, titled “Emmys Delivery Training”, sees the classic Emmy statuettes delivered to winners during the pandemic.

Vance was impressed at the image quality, and that he could shoot in 8K without any crop. “I’m a film guy. I shot film for many, many years, so focal lengths are embedded in my brain. Just knowing that a 40mm prime is exactly what it should be, whether at 12K, 8K or 4K is incredible.

“Blackmagic has made a 12K sensor that doesn’t look like a 12K sensor but has all the information without being harsh and hard to watch.”

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